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Böys Who Dance

Abolishing Stereotypes

Bullying is one of the most common obstacles male dancers face. It can be extremely isolating, especially at school. Many boys give up on their dance training because of the struggles that come with it.

Boys learn from role models to gain and own their self confidence so they can have more power over bullying.

Through support from parents, peers, teachers and mentors boys develop more self confidence

and are better equipped to overcome bullying. In turn, they are encouraged to model these positive behaviours and become role models themselves.

We want to do better as a society to show boys in dance that they can overcome negative comments and bullying and strive to be the best they can be.

The Boys who Dance Campaign will provide opportunities for aspiring male dancers to be mentored one on one by CBJ’s professional male dancers. CBJ will also raise awareness through town hall discussions and provide resources for schools, libraries and community centres.

We have developed this Campaign for all of the boys out there who want to dream big and become a dancer. Let’s get our boys dancing because dance is for all!


Through the Boys who Dance Mentorship program, mentees will be matched with one of CBJ’s male dancers and meet virtually once a week. Mentors will share what it was like for them growing up as a dancer and will help mentees develop their own strategies for overcoming the obstacles they face.

Mentees will also get to hear, firsthand, about the triumphs and challenges of a career in dance and gain invaluable advice and insights as they work towards fulfilling their own dreams.


To create lasting change, we need to address the stigmas around male dancers and stop bullying before it starts. To achieve this, CBJ will partner with schools, libraries and
other community spaces across Canada to raise awareness of the issue and show young Canadians that dance is for all. CBJ will also host a series of town hall discussions for dancers, parents and dance schools to address the challenges boys who dance face and work together to find community focused solutions.


Our Dancers’ Stories

Each of CBJ’s male dancers faced their own
unique challenges to a career in dance. By
sharing their stories, they hope to inspire the
next generation of artists to overcome their
own obstacles and realise their dreams.

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