DANCE FOR ALL: Dancers from Atlantic Canada at Ballet Jörgen

Dylan strikes a pose; photo by Aidan Tooth.
“I dance because it is my passion and a true form of release.” Photo by Aidan Tooth.

Meet Dylan Corscadden

Where are you from?
Saint John, New Brunswick

How long have you been dancing?

Since the age of 7.

You recently graduated from GBD! What program did you take?

P106 Commercial Dance. 


Fill in the blank — At GBD…
I immersed myself in the variety of classes that helped me gain a better insight of the industry and where I see myself as a performer. It was highly encouraged to explore my unique style while continuing to challenge myself in not limiting the possibilities!


Fill in the blank — When I’m dancing…
I’m focused, I’m curious and at total ease! With a sense of comfort, I feel in my element while being creative. As much as I enjoy dance for the challenge and complexity, I dance because it is my passion and a true form of release.  


GBD has a proven track record of producing career ready dancers. You are the latest to add to our Alumni success stories. Congrats on your first professional job after graduating — Tell us about your gig?
I am setting sail with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line this year as an entertainer on board. Embarking on “Freedom of the Seas” I will be performing in Broadway caliber shows that will showcase “triple threat” talents. Launching my career, I am excited to connect with the many audiences and fellow artists.


If Ballet Jörgen could perform any ballet in your hometown, what would it be and why?
I would love to see Ballet Jörgen perform Anne of Green Gables – The Ballet® in my hometown. As a well-known maritime story, given the proximity between P.E.I and New Brunswick I know the imaginative work would be highly admired! Also, as this tale is so familiar, I think it would be fascinating for a local audience to see the piece through an innovative, artistic lens. 


Who is your favourite dancer and why?
I am continuously inspired by dancer and artist Michael Dameski. I admire his strength and discipline but also his technical abilities that support his highly athletic movement. With a distinctive way of moving Michael is undeniably captivating and motivates myself to want to push my limits. 


Ballet Jörgen’s Boys who Dance Campaign is aimed at abolishing the stigmas and stereotypes that are associated with male dancers — what is your message around this topic for young boys and society who perpetuates these stereotypes?
I was very fortunate to not have experienced any direct stereotyping growing up as a young aspiring male dancer. In my hometown, I began dancing with a group of boys in which we, in a sense, broke the mold by sharing our love for dance. With that being said, I am much aware of the stigma that is attached to male dancers and want to encourage the support that starts at home. As inclusivity is continuing to evolve, my hope is for parents to show pride and acceptance in their biggest dreams and desires. And to the young boys, stay true to yourself, never give up, and do what makes you happy!


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Meet Lara Frame

Where are you from?
Prospect, Nova Scotia. I live just outside Halifax.


How did you hear about Ballet Jörgen’s Virtual Dance Academy (VDA)?
I was a squirrel in Ballet Jörgen’s virtual Nutcracker.


What classes are you taking?
Ballet. I’ve also taken pointe and repertoire in the last couple of years.


What do you love most about the Virtual Dance Academy?
It is a good challenge and I can take extra classes that they don’t have at Halifax Dance. I can also work on all my technique and learn new choreography.


Fill in the blank — When I’m dancing…
I’m happy.


Fill in the blank — Studying ballet has made me…
love dance and want to do it professionally when I am older.


If Ballet Jörgen could perform any ballet in your hometown, what would it be and why?
Swan Lake because I love to see the swans. They are super graceful and elegant. It would be one of my dream roles to be one of the lead swans in the show.


What Ballet Jörgen dancer do you most want to meet and why?
Erina Tanaka (returned to the U.S. last year). I took lots of ballet classes with her and I would like to meet her in person. She seems really nice and is an amazing dancer. I love her big jumps, I like jumps too.


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