George Brown Dance

Unparalleled Dance Training

George Brown Dance is a partnership between Jörgen Dance and George Brown College.

The George Brown College Dance programs offer exceptional professional technical training in the heart of downtown Toronto. With hundreds of theatre, dance and production companies, Toronto offers extraordinary opportunities to aspiring performers. The unique leadership of Jörgen Dance’s expert instructors graduates students with the skills, confidence and connections necessary for employment in a wide range of dance performance settings. Students and faculty have built a strong community that offers continuous support and encouragement at school and beyond. At George Brown Dance, expect to be empowered and challenged to fulfill your dance potential.

Image of a dancer

Dance Performance Preparation (P101)

High-standard technical and performance training

A one-year certificate program offering high-standard technical and performance training, which will prepare graduates to pursue further dance studies and careers in dance

Dance Performance (P105)

Classical ballet stream or contemporary stream

A rigorous and high-standard two-year diploma program that prepares ballet and contemporary dancers to launch a performance career in professional dance

Image of a dancer
Image of a dancer

Commercial Dance (P106)

Jazz, hip hop and ballet combined with in-depth acting, vocals and chorus repertoire

A 12-month certificate program graduating professional triple-threat dancers ready for a career in commercial dance

Ballet Jörgen Mentorship

Exclusive for George Brown Dance Students

Ballet Jörgen’s post diploma, one year intensive professional graduate training program functions to bridge the gap between a GBD graduate’s training to working professionally as a dancer.

Ballet Jörgen Mentorship, George Brown Dance

HBE Contemporary Mentorship

A Distinctive and Comprehensive Contemporary Mentorship Program

Hanna Kiel and Human Body Expression have partnered with GBD to offer a distinctive and comprehensive Contemporary Mentorship Program. This opportunity for emerging artists includes technique classes, composition classes, along with the opportunity to choreograph for the GBD Ensemble, and a personally designed program plan.