UNLEASHED 2023 Performance Program

Winchester Theatre May 13 – 15

Director Derek Sangster
Artistic Administrator Kia Kotsanis  
Lighting Design Madhu Seran
Stage Management Kayla Ado
Wardrobe Glenna Foerster 
Technical Director Jacob Gagnon

Thank you to the technicians of the Winchester Theatre and to all our volunteers!


about george brown dance

The George Brown College Dance programs offer exceptional professional technical training in the heart of downtown Toronto. With hundreds of theatre, dance and production companies, Toronto offers extraordinary opportunities to aspiring performers. The unique leadership of Ballet Jörgen’s expert instructors graduates students with the skills, confidence and connections necessary for employment in a wide range of dance performance settings. Students and faculty have built a strong community that offers continuous support and encouragement at school and beyond. At George Brown Dance, expect to be empowered and challenged to fulfill your dance potential. 

Message from the associate Director

Derek SangsterWelcome to George Brown Dance Unleashed 2023 We are excited to welcome you in joining us for the first live performance of UNLEASHED since 2019. Tonight, you will be introduced to our next generation of performers and see a diverse showcase with works created by both Distinguished Guest Artists and our highly regarded faculty. This evening’s performance features students of the Dance Performance Preparation and Dance Performance programs. The George Brown Dance faculty is comprised of an outstanding team of instructors, working artists, choreographers and directors, who instill discipline and teach skills necessary to interpret the vision of others.  

Each of the choreographers has generously committed themselves to the idea of a “company” setting, which enables the performers to experience the creative work process and environment of the professional world. The students benefit tremendously from the unique approach and mentorship of the respective team.  

On behalf of George Brown Dance, I would like to acknowledge and thank this years’ Distinguished Guest Artists, Susie Burpee and Ryan Lee. Both of these highly regarded Canadian dance makers have shared their invaluable creative gifts and created new and challenging commissions.  

Special thanks to Kathy Le and Clea Iveson, as well as Kia Kotsanis.  

I would like to thank each faculty member for their time, energy and inspiring work as they help the students to realize their potential and prepare for the future.  

Finally, I extend my deepest gratitude to our hardworking, courageous dancers. Their passion, creative spark and generous spirits light up the stage each night and offer much hope for the future of our art form.  

We hope you enjoy tonight’s performance!  

Derek Sangster
Associate Director, George Brown Dance

unleashed 2023

And Then There Were Two 
Choreography Allison Bradley in collaboration with dancers 
Music Current by Phoria, Experience by Ludovico Einaudi, Daniel Hope. I Virtuosi Italiani, We Move Lightly by Dustin O’Halloran

Dancers Danaca Bell, Taliah Bellman, Heidi Boileau, Sofia Castillo Ardines, Mariha Celis Solarte, Elizabeth Diamond, Victoria Emmons, Holly Gill, Jane-Leigh Jamieson, Samantha Johnston, Ayisha Mohammed, Elena Nechaeva, Lily Villeneuve, Veronica Villeneuve, Sophie Willett
The human experience creates a tremendous amount of emotional duality. The idea that we can hold both joy and sadness in our hearts at the same time is extraordinary to me.They do not cancel each other out, but rather coexist in many areas of our life. It can be extreme, subtle, but ever present. I have been battling with this concept for a long time. How is it possible that humans hold these big feelings all at once? How do we cope? How do we face our feelings? And yet we do. The chaos of emotions colliding together somehow creates space for hope and eventually acceptance. I am in awe of our resilience and strength. This piece explores these concepts and invites the audience to dive into the complexity of our emotions. 

J.S. Bach Piano Concerto 1st Movement
Bengt Jörgen C.M.
Adapted by Clea Iveson
Music Piano Concerto No.1 in D Minor, BMV 1052 by Johann Sebastian Bach Piano Concerto No.1 in D Minor, BMV 1052 by Johann Sebastian Bach
Dancers Chabi Arauz, Adrianna Cote, Karessann Juteau Mercier, Sarah Milligan, Madelyn Wiedrick, Sophie Willett, Mao Yokosaka, Jackson Young, Rose Zambrano Quiroz
Swing Aria Lara WIlton
Understudies Ella Hoogewerf, Yuzuha Tsubokawa
Thank you to Elise Tigges and all the dancers who so diligently and patiently worked with me to make this piece theirs to dance beautifully!
Come and Go
Kathy Le in collaboration with dancers
Rehearsal Director Miah Lewis
“Mr. Rager” by Kid Cudi + “Salt Womb” by Ori Lichtik
Dancers Heidi-Leigh Boileau, Andrea Canjura, Sofia Castillo, Samantha Johnston, Kali Kellington, Catherine Lau, Alaia R Lopes, Ryleigh Poelman
Without the connections, relationships and company we’ve come across throughout our lives, we would not be who we are. Thank you to everyone I have met, stayed in touch with and let go for building the person I am today.

This work was created out of our HBE Contemporary Mentorship Program. Hanna Kiel and Human Body Expression partnered with GBD to offer a distinctive one-year Contemporary Mentorship Program for Dance Performance graduates. Mentorship includes classes in technique and composition, along with the opportunity to choreograph for the GBD Ensemble which you are seeing this evening. Huge co gratulations to our mentee Kathy Le on the showcasing of her new work. We are very proud of you!


Choreography & Text Susie Burpee, in collaboration with the dancers
Rehearsal Assistant Deanna Selgado
Frédéric Chopin: 12 Études, Op. 10: No. 1 in C Major, performed by Maurizio Pollini
Rachel’s: Handwriting and Saccharin, from Handwriting (1995)
Richard Reed Parry: Excerpt from For Heart, Breath, and Orchestra (2014)
Francesco Tristano: The Melody (2008)
Dancers Heidi Boileau, Ivy Rose Dunlop, Ella Hoogewerf, Karessann Juteau Mercier, Sarah Milligan, Alaia R Lopes, Lily Villeneuve, Veronica Villeneuve, Madelyn Wiedrick, Mao Yokosaka, Jackson Young

Special thanks to Marie-Josée Chartier, Ryan Kelly, and Alyssa Martin for their joyful dramaturgical support!
The Real Michelle
Choreography Ryan Lee in collaboration with the dancers
Rehearsal Director Mari Budgey
Sound Design Kaitlyn Seibold
Music Travis Lake, Luke Howard, CoH, Abdul Mogard
Lighting Design Madhu Seran
Costume Design Glenna Foerster
Dancers Kate Anstey, Danaca Bell, Owen Brown, Andrea Canjura, Sofia Castillo Ardines, Holly Gill, Catherine Lau, Ryleigh Poelman, Yuzuha Tsubokawa, Sophie Willett, Rose Zambrano Quiroz
Great thanks to the amazing dancers for creating this world and diving in with such excitement, curiosity and perspective. Special thanks to Mari for your fabulous work and constant support.

George Brown Dance
Artistic Director Bengt Jörgen C.M
Associate Director Derek Sangster
Education Manager Clea Iveson
Assistant Education Manager Nina Milanovski
Program Coordinator Kia Kotsanis 
Education Coordinator
Valentina Polanco

School of Media and Performing Arts
Chair, School of Media and Performing Arts Trent Scherer
Manager, Operations Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology Anne Sardo 
Student Services Coordinator Lise Maher

George Brown College 
President Dr. Gervan Fearon
Dean, Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology Luigi Ferrara 

George Brown Dance Faculty   
Lindsay Aquin – Hip Hop, Jazz
Allison Bradley – Jazz, Performance Preparation 
Laetitia Clement – Ballet, Pointe
Amanda Davis – Modern
Anna Elena – Ballet 
Clea Iveson – Repertoire
Ryan Kelly – Acting 
Hanna Kiel – Composition, Repertoire 
Heidi Lange – Vocal, Music Theory
Cynthia Macedo – Ballet, Pointe
Nicola Pantin – Chorus Repertoire, Modern
Kathleen Rea – Modern
Jennifer Robichaud – Jazz, Business of Dance
Derick Robinson – Hip Hop  
Derek Sangster – Jazz   

Andrew Ball – Vocal, Chorus Repertoire
Geza Szenasi – Ballet
Robin Easton – Modern

Jörgen Dance
Artistic Director & CEO Bengt Jörgen C.M.
General Manager Stephen Word
Education Manager Clea Iveson 
Business Operations Manager Aleksandra Maslennikova 
Marketing Manager Dana Ginsberg 
Assistant Education Manager Nina Milanovski 
Community Programs Lead Elise Tigges 
Communications & Content Developer Casey Spector
Education Coordinator Valentina Polanco
Technical Director Jacob Gagnon
Resident Lighting Designer & Assistant Production Manager Madhu Seran