Apprentice Program for emerging professional dancers with Ballet Jörgen.

Jörgen Dance offers a limited number of apprenticeship contracts to young dancers in the first few years of their career. The program enables emerging professional dancers to gain the experience necessary to succeed technically and artistically as professional dancers in a ballet company. Apprentice dancers will be immersed in a demanding working environment of a Company that delivers over 150 classical and contemporary ballet events across Canada every season. Apprentices participate in performances, community events and youth engagement programs. Completing an apprenticeship will give the young dancer a clear understanding of their future both with Ballet Jörgen as well as with their overall dance career.

To be eligible for an Apprenticeship, a dancer must complete the Company’s summer Junior Company Program.

Apprentices with Ballet Jörgen are hired every season from the pool of dancers that have completed our Junior Company program. An apprentice position with the Company is a paid contract for one season, typically 28-35 weeks. Apprentices are expected to meet basic professional standards; continuously improve when rehearsing and performing and meet the Company’s technical and artistic values on stage and in the community.

Completing the Junior Company does not guarantee the dancer an apprenticeship. Once a prospective apprentice has completed the Junior Company the artistic director will give the dancer a clear understanding of what the future employment opportunities are, either for the immediate season or for future seasons. A non-Canadian dancer without a residency or work permit can usually only be considered for work in future seasons.

The apprentice dancer is expected to:

  • Meet the artistic director’s artistic and technical standards for entry into the Company (this is determined during the 5 week Junior Company program)
  • Continue to improve artistically and technically during the course of the apprenticeship with the guidance of Company coaches, teachers, dancers and staff
  • Perform corps roles in all the season’s main stage ballets and additional roles as requested
  • Participate fully in all community and youth engagement events and programs

Audition Information
You must audition for the Junior Company – auditions are available across Canada.

You must bring your resume, a dance photo and a head shot to the audition.

The audition consists of a ballet class where the female dancer is expected to dance on pointe in the centre and complete a minimum of two turns on pointe and the male dancer must be able to complete a double tour. Upon successful completion of the first stage dancers will be expected to learn and perform given Company repertoire. The final stage is an interview with the artistic director.

Although video auditions are accepted, it is highly recommended that an in-person audition be attended by the interested dancer.

Click here for video audition requirements

Register for an audition

Registration Information

  1. Once you have successfully passed the audition you must then complete the upcoming Junior Company program – click here for program details, dates and fees.
  2. Upon completion of the Junior Company program (end of July) you will undergo an in-depth interview with senior artistic staff – this interview will provide you with a clear understanding of the status of your future relationship with Ballet Jörgen.
  3. Up to four apprentices are hired each season; contracts are issued at the end of the program for the immediate season and for future season contracts offers generally come in the spring before the season’s August/September start date.

For further questions contact education manager, Clea Iveson 416-415-5000 ext 4928

Season Schedule

Ballet Jörgen’s Season schedule varies yearly but quite consistently for the apprentice dancer runs between mid-August and late April.

August – September

September – November
Mains-stage ballet touring; local, Quebec, Atlantic Canada

November – December
Nutcracker rehearsals and touring

Rehearsals and Local Performing

February – March
Western Canada Touring

Local Performing

March – April
Atlantic Canada Touring

Children’s show touring, creation rehearsals, community events and educational programming are mixed in all across the schedule

*Apprentices that are current Company dancers

RBC Apprentice in 2023-24
Mandi Bryce

RBC Apprentice in 2023-24
Mathew Jordan

RBC Apprentice in 2023-24
Chabi Arauz

RBC Apprentice in 2022-23
*Taisiia Zamula

RBC Apprentice in 2021-22
*Sakura Kawamura

RBC Apprentice in 2020-21
*Lydia-Laure Germain

RBC Apprentice in 2019-20
*Adam Davidson
*Callum MacGregor
Leon Peace

RBC Apprentice in 2018-19
*Marcio Teixara

RBC Apprentice in 2017-18
Anna Benko
Erik Bruendle
Kelsey Miller

RBC Apprentice in 2016-17
Kenny Chung
*Akari Fujiwara
Michaela Gobas
Sakura Inoue
Kanako Nagayoshi
Emily Whittome

RBC Apprentice in 2015-16
Michaela Gobas
Emily Whittome
Mei Ishibashi
Julia Pochko

RBC Apprentice in 2014-2015
Junior Caballero
*Momoka Matsui
Dominic Who
Emma Miller

RBC Apprentice in 2013-2014
Elizabeth Gagnon - Company dancer 2014-2020
*Adrian Juarez
Kirill Lordski – Company dancer 2014-2016
Fiona Drewbrook

RBC Apprentice in 2012-2013
Heather Lumsden-Ruegg - Company dancer 2014-2020
Ayva Rossouw-Holland - Company dancer 2014-2020
Levi Blad
Rachel Chew

RBC Apprentice in 2011-2012
*Hannah Mae Cruddas
*Gustavo Hernandez - Company dancer 2012-2016

RBC Apprentice in 2010-2011
Raphael Amiot-Savard
Sarah Koekkoek – Company dancer 2012-2014

RBC Apprentice in 2009-2010
Taylor Gill