Junior Company

For the dancer seeking their first professional full time job in a dance company

Junior Company is by audition only


Typically for ages 18 and up


• Program: June 17th-July 27th
• In-Studio Performance July 26th
• Interview July 27th

Tuition Fees:

$2,430.00 + HST

Non-refundable deposit to hold your spot is *$685.00 + HST

Dancers are responsible for arranging travel however, residence is available.

Residence Fees:


Registration Deadline: Monday, April 29th 12:00pm EST

Image of dancers from Junior Company Program
Image of dancers from Junior Company Program

Immerse yourself into a professional dance company environment; this program is for the dancer seeking their first professional full time job in a dance company. Dancers will work with Ballet Jörgen company dancers and artistic director Bengt Jörgen to create new works, hone repertoire and put professional poise to technique, etiquette and work habits.

All Ballet Jörgen Company apprentice contracts are filled through this program.

Acceptance into this program requires that you be seen in an audition by Artistic Director, Bengt Jörgen. A brief interview is also required. There are very limited openings for this program. Video auditions are accepted when necessary.

History of Participant Contracts with Ballet Jörgen

YEAR IN JCDANCER2022/232021/222020/212019/202018/192017/20182016/172015/162014/152013/142012/132011/12NATIONALITY
2022Taisiia Zamula*ApprenticeRussia
2021Naomi KawamuraContractCanada
2020Lydia-Laure Germain*FullFullApprenticeCanada
2018Marcio Teixeira
2018Yeongju JeongContractSouth Korea
2018Adam Davidson*FullFullFullFullApprenticeCanada
2017Anna BenkoApprenticeCanada
2017Kelsey MillerApprenticeCanada
2016Akari FujiwaraFullFullFullFullFullFullApprenticeJapan
2016Sakura InoueSL ContractCanada
2016Kanako Nagayoshi SL ContractCanada
2015Mei IshibashiApprenticeJapan
2015Michaela GobasApprenticeCanada
2015*Julia PochkoContractCanada
2015Emily WhittomeContractCanada
2014Emma MillerApprenticeCanada
2014Momoka MatsuiFullFullFullFullFullFullFullFullApprenticeJapan
2014Junior CaballeroFullFullFullApprenticeParaguay
2014Dominic WhoApprenticeCanada
2013Adrian JuarezFullFullFullFullFullFullFullFullFullApprenticeMexico
2013Elizabeth GagnonFullFullFullFullContractContractApprentice
2013Josephine CheungContractHong Kong
2012Annelie LilliemarkFullFullFullFullFullFullFullFullContractSweden
2012Eleanor BullContract
2012*Fiona DrewbrookApprenticeContractCanada
2012Gabriel RitzmannFullFullBrazil
2012*Heather Lumsden-RueggFullFullFullFullFullFullFullApprenticeCanada
2012Justine FraserContractCanada
2012Kanae AkatsukaContractJapan
2012Levi BladFullSweden
2011, 2012*Avya Rossouw-HollandFullFullFullFullFullContractContractFullApprenticeCanada
2011Gustavo HernandezFullFullFullFullApprenticeCuba/Canada
2011Hannah Mae CruddasFullFullFullFullFullFullFullFullFullFullFullApprenticeCanada
2011Rachel ChewApprenticeMalaysia

*George Brown Dance Graduate
Full – Full season paid company member

Apprentice – Full season paid apprentice

Contract – Hired for a specific project that season

This is sample schedule used for the Junior Company summer program. Please note, hours and general structure now differ to account for COVID-19 restrictions and the individualized program structure we have implemented.

Junior Company - Sample Weekly Schedule

Learn More About The Facility

If you are interested in joining Ballet Jörgen’s Junior Company, please register for an audition (highly recommended):

Click here to register to audition!

In-person auditions are ideal, but if you are unable to attend an audition you can audition by video.

Please follow our video requirements to audition for the Junior Company and send all requirements in one email to auditions@balletjorgen.ca

Video Audition Requirements

What did you learn that you found particularly useful?

“Experiencing a company schedule and learning new techniques”

“I learned how to trust my impulse in contemporary works as well as classical”

“Performance quality is important”

What did you like best over your 5 weeks here?

“The large variety of repertoire we learned.”

“Working with the Company members.”

“That it felt like I was in a professional environment.”

“I liked the variety of classes and repertoire work that was taught and the opportunity to perform at the end of each week so I can develop both technically and artistically. I loved the small group of people I was able to dance with – everyone was very passionate, supportive and inspiring, including the teachers.”

Junior Company Comments

“It was a great experience and a great way to jump start my career”

“I loved the process of construction, collaboration and refining emotion and technique.”

“I really liked the working atmosphere, it was the best program I ever attended.”

Past Participant Testimonials

“I have never had “creation” at other summer programs, I liked how interactive it was.”
- Fiona Drewbrook (Summer 2012 and George Brown Dance P102 student 2013 graduate, 2013/14 BJC Apprentice)

“Dancers that need work experience should come to this program, it was like a job.”
- Levi Blad (Summer 2012 and 2012/13 Ballet Jörgen Canada Apprentice)

“Good teachers, positive work environment, a good chance to work on the same things for an extended period of time, a good way to jump start my career.”
- Heather Lumsden-Ruegg (Summer 2012, George Brown Dance 2012 Graduate, and 2012/13 Ballet Jörgen Canada Apprentice, 2013/14 Company member)

“For many years I have loved Ballet Jörgen Canada’s ability to bring exquisite ballets to as many different audiences as possible, so I am very much looking forward to being a part of their magic this summer.”
- Hannah Mae Cruddas (Summer 2011 and 2011/12 Ballet Jörgen Canada apprentice, 2012/13 & 2013/14 Company members)

“So much fun, intense, amazing and useful; I felt like for the first time in my dance training I could connect the dots.”
- Ayva Roussouw-Holland (Summer 2010, 2011 Junior Company, George Brown Dance Student & Mentorship Student with Ballet Jörgen Canada)

“This was a fantastic program to lead into my apprenticeship with Ballet Jörgen Canada, and I would recommend it to any aspiring professional ballet dancer.”
- Sarah Koekkoek (Summer 2010 and 2010/11 Ballet Jörgen Canada apprentice)

“Being able to work with choreographers and dancers from the company was a great way to understand how professional ballet dancers work on a daily basis. The program was very challenging but a tremendous amount of fun.”
- Raphael Amiot-Savard (Summer 2010 and 2010/11 Ballet Jörgen Canada apprentice)