Studio Rentals

Jörgen Dance is equipped with 4 spacious studios available to rent for rehearsals, classes, dancers, choreographers and performers of all levels. 

Space: Our various sized studios provide ample space, ensuring a comfortable environment for all types of dance and performance. 

Professional Flooring: Equipped with the highest quality marley harlequin dance flooring, our studios provide the perfect surface to protect dancers’ joints and enhance performance.

Mirrors and Sound System: Large wall mirrors and a quality sound systems are available in every studio.

Location: Located in downtown Toronto next to Dupont Station, Jörgen Dance Studios are easily accessible by public transportation and offer a safe and secure environment within the vicinity of George Brown College, Casa Loma Campus. 

Flexible Scheduling: Whether you need the studio for a one-time event or on a recurring basis, we offer a range of options to fit your schedule. 

Pricing (subject to change):

  • Standard rate $45/hr Studios A & D, $50/hr Studios B & C.
  • Non-profit rate $23/hr Studio A & D, $28/hr Studios B & C.
  • Discounted rate of $17/hr is available for Jörgen Dance/George Brown College Staff and Alumni. 

Before booking the studio, please review our rules and policies around the studios’ usage outlined in the Studio Rental Agreement below. 

Submit your booking request via Studio Rental Request Form below.

Questions about studios and booking:

Studio A

36’ 8” width (440”) 
44’ 8” length (536”) 
1,262 sq. ft.
Seams running lengthwise.

Studio B

35.8’ width (430”) 
47.8’ length (574”) 
1,708 sq. ft.
Seams running widthwise.

Studio C

45.9’ width (551”) 
47.4’ length (566.5”) 
2,133 sq. ft.
Seams running widthwise.

Studio D

44.6’ width (536”) 
25.5’ length (306”) 
1,113 sq. ft.
Seams running lengthwise.