Dream Talker: Jose Angel Carret

Jose Angel Carret.

“I really appreciate the opportunity that CBJ has given me to work with their talented dancers who have supported my new creation with their magnificent work during our rehearsals.”  

Cuban born Jose Angel Carret is an award-winning choreographer and principal dancer who has created more than 60 original works. He was a principal dancer and choreographer at Danza Espiral in Matanzas, Cuba and performed many renowned Cuban choreographers’ including Narciso Medina’s work “Metamorphosis,” a modern Cuban classic. He has created choreography for International Ballet competitions in Cuba and the Youth America Grand Prix international competition (2018) held in Canada. Many of his awarded works are still part of the repertoire of several companies such as Danza Libre, Danza Fragmentada in Guantanamo, Cuba, and Ballet Creole Canada, among others. Jose was a guest teacher at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (2015-16).

Jose is the founder and Artistic Director of Danza Corpus Cuba – Canada, the International Dance Event TEADE, and Artistic Director of the Contemporary Division for The Carret Dance Conservatory. Located in the GTA. Jose is a member of the International Dance Council, UNESCO (CID), Dance Ontario, and the Union of Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).

For our Creations in Isolation Tour, Jose created a World Premiere piece titled “Dream Talker.” We spoke with Jose to discuss everything Dream Talker. 

Jose in the studio with dancers.

Q: CBJ is thrilled to have you on the Creations in Isolation Tour with your World Premiere titled “Dream Talker” — tell us about the name and what it means? 

A: I chose the name Dream Talker because the music inspired me to create this dance piece. The music I choose is “Okarche” by NEXUS – DRUMTALKER and has sound effects that remind me of different phases and moments that I have experienced while dreaming. The name of the piece is based on images, and feelings we encounter while we are dreaming that sometimes we tell others. 

Q: How has the pandemic affected you the last year and half and how has it influenced your piece? 

A:I believe the pandemic has had a significant impact on my creation process and I had to shift my plan many times. I have had to stop working on parts I started because my choreography is for six dancers and it has been difficult at times to work with more than one dancer. We need space and we also need to move the dancers to create different phrases. 

Jose works on Choreography with the Dancers.
Jose and Adrián alongside Akari.

Q: Can you talk about the choreography? 

A: The choreography is based on our dream phases. While we are sleeping our desires, fears or worries contribute to our dreams. Through a contemporary dance language my idea is to translate and share those emotions we experience while dreaming. For example, we want to see what we cannot identify, we want to see the impossible, we want to meet other beings, people we knew and are no longer there or people who exist only in our imagination. 

Q: Can you talk about working with CBJ Dancers?  

A: I think working with Canada’s Ballet Jorgen dancers has been a great experience for me. I really appreciate the opportunity that CBJ has given me to work with their talented dancers who have supported my new creation with their magnificent work during our rehearsals.   

Q: What do you hope the audience will feel and take away from watching “Dream Talker” 

A: I hope the audience will enjoy Dream Talker and feel transported to a world of dreams and relate and recognize some of the feelings that we as humans go through while dreaming. 

In the Ballet Jörgen Studios: Jose showed his piece “Last Encounter” during the Summer Dance Academy performance. Dancers:  Natayu Nevule & Corrie Sakaluk . 
Jose’s piece “The Gift” with dancer Emily Holmes.

Q: What’s next for you? 

A: I am working on a Digital Gala Celebrating the 10th anniversary of our International Dance Event called Winter TEADE for December 18-19. We will have a virtual showcase with 11 new pieces choreographed by 10 diverse Canadian Choreographers plus two dancers’ health conferences, 2 tributes to Artists Directors one from Canada and the other from Cuba, plus dance workshops. For the gala showcase I am creating a quartet and a duet. I am also organizing TEADE 1st International Virtual Competition for Dancers and Choreographers as part of the celebration year. 

The Creations in Isolation tour kicks off at the Sanderson Centre in Brantford, ON Saturday, September 25, and continues into BC with a final stop in Leader, SK. For complete tour information and to view the programme click here.