Ballet Jörgen Mentorship

Exclusive to George Brown Dance Students

Overview of Program

Jörgen Dance’s post diploma, one year intensive professional graduate training program functions to bridge the gap between a GBD graduate’s training to working professionally as a dancer. Participants experience working in a company atmosphere, participating in the rehearsal process, learning repertoire and may also experience touring, performing, the creative process and rehearsal assisting.

Participants are expected to be self directed, to take initiative, and ask for direction when needed. With access to classes, teachers, coaches and fellow professionals, participants will have a structured environment in which to work to close the gaps in their own technical and artistic training. You push yourself to work on your own problem areas; this is how a professional working artist functions and thrives. Participants must have clear personal goals for their individualized graduate program outlined in a one page proposal.

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Program Facts

One year (end of June through mid May)
Five to Six days/week – plus touring when scheduled

Mentorship Fee
$3,870.00 +HST (2022-23)

Summer Dance Fee
$1,670.00 +HST (2022-2023)

Graduate of the George Brown Dance, Dance Performance Program

Applicants must express interest in the program, provide an outline of their personal goals and expectations from the program, agree to have all GBD faculty weigh in on their application and have a formal interview with Artistic Director Bengt Jörgen. This is not a program that leads directly to a contract position with  Jörgen Dance, it is only as full member of the Junior Company that a graduate can be considered for an apprenticeship with  Jörgen Dance.

Clea Iveson – Education Manager to start your application process 416-415-5000 x 4928

Other Notes
All transportation and accommodation expenses are covered and per diem is provided while on tour.

Two people arched backwards with their arm raised, ballet dancing
Dance teacher and mentor practicing ballet dance

Program Activities

  • Students will participate in company class and attend company rehearsals on a daily basis. Roles to learn will be assigned by the Artistic Director and will be coached by company members and repetiteurs.
  • Students usually participate in some aspect of touring, often the Nutcracker tour.
  • Students will have the opportunity to select and learn a role from current CBJ repertoire, be coached in that role and perform it for in studio presentation, Students may also have the opportunity to perform in GBD’s Unleashed.
  • Students may participate in portions of the spring tour however this is not a guarantee. If students do remain in Toronto during the tours they will work with George Brown Dance as teaching/rehearsal assistants, assisting with repertoire class and Spring Showcase Rehearsals. Specialized coaching is also scheduled.

Program Structure

  • Mentorship Coordinator(s) – students will report to this person(s) a minimum of every 4-6 weeks.
  • Receive a minimum of two reports from the artistic director via your mentorship coordinator or the education manager.
  • Company class, rehearsal direction and coaching.
  • Touring schedules, information and direction as per company standards.
  • Soft shoes(3), pointe shoes(up to 8) for rehearsal  depending on repertoire.
  • Shoes as needed for CBJ performances.
  • Opportunities to perform in
    • The Nutcracker
    • Other story ballets as per the season
    • Children’s show
    • Studio performances
    • Outreach events
    • Unleashed
  • Opportunities for rehearsal direction through George Brown Dance.
  • Opportunities for rehearsal assistance with youth through the Local Participant Youth programs.
  • Opportunities to audit classes with George Brown Dance.

Expectations of Students

The Canada’s Ballet Jörgen’s Mentorship Program is a post diploma/graduate level program.  Students are expected to be self directed, to take initiative, set their own goals and to ask for direction when needed.  Students are expected to:

  • Attend all scheduled company classes and rehearsals
  • Report to the Mentorship Coordinator(s)
  • Demonstrate professional conduct at all times
  • Learn repertoire
  • Design and determine personal outcomes
  • Attend Summer Program with CBJ
  • If students wish to audit George Brown Dance classes they must ask to be excused from rehearsals at the times required.  They must also ask permission of the instructor to attend class.  Students are strongly encouraged to audit classes whenever possible to maintain training in jazz, modern dance, pointe and conditioning.

Employment Opportunities

Nutcracker Youth Cast Chaperoning
The Chaperone is responsible for supervision of Touring Cast Participants during the Nutcracker tour

Summer Dance Chaperoning
The Chaperone is responsible for supervision of Summer Dance Participants in programs Sum IV, III and II

Performing as a Dancer
The dancer is paid a per performance fee

Program Participants

*Participants that are current Company dancers

Mentorship students 2019-20

Chloe Bruce
Kendra Haskett
Laura Louise Lynch

Mentorship students 2018-19

Jade Chaplin
Adam Davidson
Sierra Goldak
Rachel Schilberg

Mentorship student 2017-18

Kimberly Dyer

Mentorship students 2016-17

Chloé Menard
Emily Holmes
Tiffany Manankil
Lauren Peter
Julia Walton

Mentorship Student 2013-14

Allie Higgins

Mentorship Students 2012-13

Mallory Belzile
Adrianna Calvo

Mentorship Students 2011-12

Jennifer Lee
*Heather Lumsden-Ruegg
*Ayva Rossouw-Holland

Mentorship Student 2009-10

Allison Bradbury

Mentorship Student 2007-08

Kelly Winterson