HBE Contemporary Mentorship Program

A Distinctive and Comprehensive Contemporary Mentorship Program

Overview of Program

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Photo of Hanna Kiel smilingHanna Kiel and Human Body Expression have partnered with GBD to offer a distinctive and comprehensive Contemporary Mentorship Program. This opportunity for emerging artists includes technique classes, composition classes, along with the opportunity to choreograph for the GBD Ensemble, and a personally designed program plan. This unique mentorship program will support participants through a number of opportunities, including regular one-on-one meetings, choreographic creations, performance opportunities, exclusive invitations to observe choreographic processes, and tickets to different company shows.

The major component of the program is the chance for the dancer to design their own objectives. “My job is not to tell them what to do,” explains Kiel. “Part of this mentorship is the exercise of coming up with what they want now that school is over.” This mentorship is part of a broader responsibility to build supportive inter-generational relationships among dance artists. “We have to nurture young dancers and creators for this artform to keep going,” she reflects. “Everybody needs a mentor. I truly believe that. I still have a lot of older mentors helping me at this moment, too.”

"We have to nurture young dancers and creators for this artform to keep going."

Hanna Kiel

Program Facts

One year (September-May)
Five to Six days/week

Mentorship Fee
$3,870.00  +HST (2022-2023)

Graduate of the George Brown Dance, Dance Performance Program
Applicants must express interest in the program, provide an outline of their personal goals and expectations from the program, agree to have all GBD faculty weigh in on their application and have a formal interview with HBE Artistic Director Hanna Kiel and GBD Associate Director Derek Sangster. This is not a program that leads directly to a contract position with Human Body Expression, Jörgen Dance or George Brown Dance.

Derek Sangster, Associate Director, George Brown Dance to start your application process

Other Notes
For more information about Hanna Kiel’s Human Body Expression visit hbedance.com.

Students with hands on the shoulders of the person infront of them, standing before Hanna Kiel, mentor.

Program Activities

  • Students will participate in class and attend rehearsals on a daily basis.
  • Students will have the opportunity to create for GBD Ensemble.
  • Successful applicants will have the opportunity to pursue further ventures in the Toronto dance community through both HBE and GBD’s unique and long-lasting partnerships
  • Mentorship students’ work may be showcased as part of the Unleashed programming
  • Students will work with George Brown Dance as teaching/rehearsal assistants, assisting with repertoire class and Spring Showcase Rehearsals.
  • Specialized coaching is also scheduled

Program Structure

  • Mentorship Coordinator(s) – students will report to this person
  • Company class, rehearsal direction and coaching.
  • Opportunities to perform in
    • Studio performances
    • Outreach events
    • Unleashed
  • Opportunities for rehearsal direction through George Brown Dance, as well as additional
    further community partnerships.
  • Opportunities for rehearsal assistance with youth through the JD Local Participant
    Youth programs.
  • Opportunities to audit classes with George Brown Dance.

Expectations of Students

The George Brown Dance Mentorship Program is a post diploma/graduate level program.
Students are expected to be self-directed, to take initiative, set their own goals and to ask for direction when needed. Students are expected to:

  • Attend all scheduled company classes and rehearsals
  • Report to the Mentorship Coordinator(s)
  • Demonstrate professional conduct at all times
  • Learn repertoire
  • Design and determine personal outcomes
  • If students wish to audit George Brown Dance classes they must ask to be excused from rehearsals at the times required. They must also ask permission of the instructor to attend class. Students are strongly encouraged to audit classes whenever possible to maintain training in ballet, jazz, modern dance, pointe and conditioning.

Employment Opportunities

Summer Dance Chaperoning
The Chaperone is responsible for supervision of Summer Dance Participants in programs Sum
IV, III and II

Performing as a Dancer
The dancer is paid a per performance fee

Opportunities to create new works for various occasions and festivals.

Program Participants

Mentorship Student 2019-2020
Alison Viegas