Next Stage 2023 Program

Next Stage features the George Brown Dance graduating Commercial Dance students performing Jazz, Hip Hop, Dance Theatre, Chorus Repertoire, Contemporary and Vocal works. (PG 13)

AUGUST 17 & 18

Director: Jennifer Robichaud
Technical Director & Lighting Designer: Madhu Seran
Costume Design: Stacey Gonder
Stage Management: Kayla Ado
Acting Coach: Ryan Kelly
Vocal Direction & Vocal Arrangement: Andrew Ball
Production Assistant: Sarah Milligan
Artistic Administrator: Kia Kotsanis

Thank you to the staff of Young Centre for Performing Arts.

about george brown dance

George Brown Dance is a partnership between Jörgen Dance and George Brown College. The George Brown College Dance programs offer exceptional professional technical training in the heart of downtown Toronto. With hundreds of theatre, dance and production companies, Toronto offers extraordinary opportunities to aspiring performers. The unique leadership of Ballet Jörgen’s expert instructors graduates students with the skills, confidence and connections necessary for employment in a wide range of dance performance settings. Students and faculty have built a strong community that offers continuous support and encouragement at school and beyond. At George Brown Dance, expect to be empowered and challenged to fulfill your dance potential.

Message from the Associate Director

Welcome to George Brown Dance Next Stage 2023!  We have successfully completed the final third semester in the Commercial Dance Studies Program and are pleased to present this culmination of work. Tonight you will be introduced to our next generation of graduates and see a diverse showcase with works created from our highly regarded faculty.  The George Brown Dance faculty is comprised of an outstanding team of instructors, working artists, choreographers and directors, who instill discipline and teach skills necessary to interpret the vision of others.

Each of the choreographers and directors has generously committed themselves to the idea of a “company” setting, which enables the performers to experience the creative work process and environment of the professional world.  Our students benefit tremendously from the unique approach and mentorship of the respective team.

I would like to thank each faculty member for their time, energy and inspiring work as they help the students to realize their potential and prepare for the future.

Enjoy this evening’s performance of Next Stage 2023!

Derek Sangster
Associate Director, George Brown Dance

Introducing the Next Generation of Graduates:

Emma Bradford-Wilson

Anya Goodwin

Krystal Hamann

Lyric Justin

Kali Kellington

Chloe Kikstra

Melissa Kramer

Caitlyn Lopez-Howie

Sabrina Parent


Running time: 1 hour, 15 minute Intermission

All That Jazz
Choreographer: Nicola Pantin
Music: All That Jazz by John Kander from the musical Chicago
Lyricist: Fred EBB
Live Accompaniment: Andrew Ball
Dance Captain: Chloe Kikstra

Discarded Men
Choreographer: Christopher Knowles
Music: My Discarded Men by Eartha Kitt
Rehearsal Assistant: Jess Saftu

País Tropical
Music: País Tropical by Sergio Mendes
Choreographer: Marisa Ricci
Performers: Anya Goodwin, Caitlyn Lopez-Howie, Lyric Justin, Kali Kellington, Chloe Kikstra

Vocalist: Krystal Hamann
Music: Creep by Radiohead
Accompanist: Andrew Ball

Get Back
Choreographer: Lindsay Aquin
Music: Get Back by Ludacris
Performers: Anya Goodwin, Caitlyn Lopez-Howie, Lyric Justin, Melissa Kramer, Sabrina Parent

Choreographer and Dancer: Chloe Kikstra
Music: Funeral by KiNG MALA

All Too Well
Vocalist: Melissa Kramer
Music: All Too Well by Taylor Swift

Vanishing Act
Choreographer: Christopher Knowles
Music: Vanishing Act by Lou Reed
Rehearsal Assistant: Jess Saftu


Reunited, and it Feels So Good!
Choreographer: Allison Bradley
Music: Music for a Sushi Restaurant by Harry Styles
Rehearsal Assistant: Kennedy Elder

My New Philosophy
Vocalist: Emma Bradford-Wilson
Music: My New Philosophy from Charlie Brown: The Musical
Accompanist: Andrew Ball

Loving Too Long
Choreographer and Dancer: Kali Kellington
Music: I’ve been Loving You Too Long by Otis Redding

Choreographer: Lindsay Aquin
Music: Smother by Daughter
Performers: Emma Bradford-Wilson, Krystal Hamann, Lyric Justin, Kali Kellington, Chloe Kikstra

One Perfect Moment
Vocalist: Caitlyn Lopez-Howie
Music: One Perfect Moment from Bring it On- The Musical
Written by: Tom Kitt and Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lyrics by: Amanda Green and Lin-Manuel Miranda
Accompanist: Andrew Ball

Tribute to Tarantino
Choreographer: Jennifer Robichaud
*Final section in collaboration with Sabrina Parent
Music: And Now Little Green Bag from Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack
            Little Green Bag from George Baker Selection
            Misirlou by Dick Dale and His Del-tones
            You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry
            Twisted Nerve by Bernard Hermann

9 to 5
Choreographer: Nicola Pantin
Music: 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
Live Accompanist: Andrew Ball
Dance Captain: Emma Bradford-Wilson

Lost Cause
Vocalist: Anya Goodwin
Music: Lost Cause by Billie Eillish
Accompanist: Andrew Ball

Girls Trip
Choreographer: Derick Robinson
Music: Wasted Eyes by Amaarae
            Luxurious by Gwen Stefani
            Put It On Da Floor by Latto and Cardi B

About the Commercial Dance Program

This intensive 12-month Commercial Dance program provides you with the performance skills and marketability necessary to work in the vast field of commercial dance. A graduate has the ability to dance, sing and act, enabling a performance career in music videos, musical theatre, cruise ship performance and more. Dance training is in jazz, hip hop and ballet combined with in-depth acting, vocals and chorus repertoire. Career management and personal marketing skills combined with polished performance technique will launch your professional commercial dance career.

Learn more here >> 

George Brown Dance
Artistic Director: Bengt Jörgen C.M
Education Manager: Clea Iveson
Associate Director: Derek Sangster
Program Coordinator: Kia Kotsanis 
Auditions Coordinator: Nina Milanovski

School of Media and Performing Arts
Associate Dean, Media & Performing Arts: Trent Scherer
Manager, Operations Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology: Anne Sardo 
Student Services Coordinator: Lise Maher

George Brown College 
President: Dr. Gervan Fearon
Dean, Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology: Luigi Ferrara 

Commercial Dance Program Faculty   
Allison Bradley – Jazz, Performance Preparation
Cindy Macedo – Ballet
Ryan Kelly – Acting Director/Coach
Chris Knowles – Performance Preparation 
Heidi Lange – Vocal, Music Theory
Nicola Pantin – Chorus Repertoire, Performance Preparation 
Jennifer Robichaud – Jazz, Business of Dance, Performance Preparation  
Derick Robinson – Hip Hop, Performance Preparation 
Derek Sangster – Jazz  
Andrew Ball – Vocal Coaching, Performance Preparation
Marissa Ricci – Performance Preparation

Andrew Ball – Vocal, Chorus Repertoire
Geza Szenasi – Ballet

Jörgen Dance
Artistic Director & CEO: Bengt Jörgen C.M.
General Manager: Stephen Word
Education Manager: Clea Iveson
Business Operations Manager: Aleksandra Maslennikova
Resident Lighting Designer & Assistant Production Manager: Madhu Seran
Assistant Education Manager: Nina Milanovski
Communications & Content Developer: Casey Spector
George Brown Dance Program Coordinator & Artistic Administrator: Kia Kotsanis
George Brown Dance Associate Director: Derek Sangster
Education Coordinator: Sarah Milligan
Administrative Assistant: Ben Melville