Choreographers Creative Program

Providing sustained support for choreographic development in a range of creative settings

This program gives choreographers the opportunity to work with professional dancers at no personal cost, with the goal of creating short works (approximately 3-4 min in length) using dancers from Jörgen Dance. The finished product is completed within 8-12 hours of rehearsal time that culminates in a public studio performance.

This program gives choreographers the opportunity to work with professional dancers at no personal cost, to do research, develop materials for future works or test ideas. There is no public showing at the end of this program.

Junior Company
Every season Jörgen Dance commissions short ballets for its Junior Company made up of emerging professional dancers and members of Ballet Jörgen. Some of the works commissioned for this program are later developed into main stage productions.

Mentorship Program
Commissions are available for creations on Graduate Students of George Brown Dance who are part of Jörgen Dance’s post-graduate mentorship program.

Works for Youth
One-act ballets are commissioned for young audiences (elementary level). These works should be story ballets with age appropriate subject matters and approximately 45 min in length. Jörgen Community Dance will consider commissioning original music for these works if necessary.

George Brown Dance
Commissions are available for our three post-secondary dance programs at George Brown Dance. These works do not need to be ballet based and can include a range of styles including hip hop, jazz and other contemporary dance styles.

Commissions are available for Ballet Jörgen’s programs of new ballets presented in main stage theatres across Canada.

Research & Technology
Commissions are available for exploration of new technology in dance creations.

Community Works or Other
Commissions are available for site specific works and special works created to be performed in diverse settings including community settings with little or no stage settings.

Canadian Citizen or Canadian Resident with a background in dance.

In general Jörgen Dance does not provide commissions to non-Canadians or non-Residents, however under certain circumstances the company will consider applications if the proposed work is connected to Canada such as its subject or music.

Jörgen Dance welcomes proposals –we are looking for interesting works with relevance to the company’s diverse audiences. Commissioned works do not specifically need to be ballet though we are very interested in works that take advantage of the unique qualities and skills of the company’s artists.

For our George Brown Dance and Mentorship programs we welcome your interest in creating works that make the students look great while also challenging them as developing artists in their own right.

All programs except George Brown Dance Commissions
Hiroto Saito

George Brown Dance Commissions
Derek Sangster