Canadian Singer-Songwriter Amanda Martinez to Debut New Video with “Canada’s Best Kept Secret.”

September 29, 2020

I was blown away by the dancers…”

Amanda Martinez is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose music is an original blend of influences from her Mexican and South African roots.

For her new video Estaba Cayendo, off her latest album Libre, Amanda worked with CBJ dancers Adrián Ramírez Juárez and Akari Fujiwara, and Emmy winner for Outstanding Choreography, choreographer Debra Brown. Featured in the video are two musicians — Waleed Abdulhamid (on bass) who co-wrote the song with Amanda and Alexander Brown on trumpet. 

Amanda met with Adrián and Akari through award winning choreographer Debra Brown who referenced CBJ as “Canada’s best kept secret”. Debra’s previous work with CBJ includes The Home Show in which Debra worked with the dancers virtually to create a series of videos inside the tight confines of their homes, using the dancers’ talents and generosity as the raw material of magic.

“the dancers just added a whole other level to my music…”

Adrián Ramírez Juárez and Akari Fujiwara rehearsed for only two days before taking the creative process to the Scarborough Bluffs where the video for Estaba Cayendo was shot. Both dancers remarked on how different it was to create for video as opposed to a live show and agreed that it was a special experience that involved a different level of artistry to connect with their audience

Amanda’s new album Libre launches digitally in the USA on October 30th and is already available in Canada.

The Video will debut on Friday, October 2. Watch the Trailer here.

The music was written by Amanda and multi-instrumentalist Waleed Abdulhamid who plays bass on the track and is featured in the video alongside Amanda’s longtime trumpet player, Cuban born Alexander Brown. Lyrics were co-written with tres player Pablosky Rosales. The music was arranged by and recorded with guitarist and producer Kevin Laliberté, bassist Drew Birston and percussionist Rosendo “Chendy” Leon, her long time band mates.

Amanda Martinez’s band features her long-time guitarist and now-producer Kevin Laliberté, husband/bassist Drew Birston, and Cuban Canadians Rosendo “Chendy” Leon (percussion), Alexander Brown (trumpet), Osvaldo Rodriguez (violin) and Pablosky Rosales (tres). 

Amanda’s tour highlights include performing at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa and at the Pan AM games in Toronto and Mexico. 

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