Heather Baker


Etobicoke, ON

Heather Baker

Elected to the Board June, 2017

Heather Baker, CPA, CA, is an Audit Partner in KPMG’s banking practice. Since making partner in 1996, Heather has led engagement teams in providing services to a broad range of clients in KPMG’s Toronto Audit practice. As lead audit partner, Heather has ultimate responsibility for the delivery of all services to her clients. She currently is a Securities Partner, performs engagement quality control reviewing responsibilities and is on the Technical Topic team for employee benefits, supporting engagement teams in Toronto and across Canada. Heather is an experienced client service practitioner with over twenty years of experience as a partner. Heather is known for her collaborative approach in supporting others through her role as Securities and EQCR partner.  She has recently been appointed to the Board of KPMG Canada where she also serves on the Partner Admissions, Acquisitions & Alliances and Nominating sub-committees.

Heather is also the mother of two teenagers, and sits on the Finance Committee of Sleeping Children Around the World.  She previously served as Finance Director for Women In Food Industry Management and as Group Commissioner for a Toronto Scouting Group.