Helen Matteer


Toronto, ON

Elected to the Board December 2023

Helen Matteer leads the national portfolio for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Girl Guides of Canada. In her current capacity, she leads volunteers and staff across Canada in intentional conversations and action about change. Her work is centered in creating inclusive spaces for all stakeholders and advocating for change where needed.

She also provides consultation services for organizations looking to build authentic pathways to inclusivity. This work involves analyzing and creating policies and providing sustainable solutions. She started her work in the not-for-profit sector over 17 years ago. Her willingness and dedication to help organizations in need, has become a distinct trademark of her work. With any organization that she has partnered with, she has played a key role in updating their change management processes, expanding their fund development growth strategies, and developing their best practices towards inclusion.

As a former contemporary dancer, Helen is an avid supporter of the arts. She has a particular interest in musical theatre, dance, and contemporary art. She has previously collaborated with many local artists in Toronto as a way to assist them in elevating their work. 

Helen is also passionate about building resiliency amongst communities through advocacy and partnership. As such, she has sat on several arts and community focused boards. She also regularly volunteers for various stage productions, festivals, and art installations. She is thrilled to bring her passion and expertise to Jörgen Dance Board of Directors.