The Home Show: CBJ’s New Creation with Debra Brown

CBJ is thrilled to be working with world-renowned choreographer Debra Brown on a new creation. This work is unique, as our dancers have no studio access and cannot interact with each other or Debra in person. Debra is working with the dancers virtually which is creating a unique experience for each dancer.

“Gene Kelly started all this! Inside the tight confines of small spaces, we’re taking up the challenge to create stories using the dancers’ talents and generosity as the raw material of magic. This is a day trip at its finest, where virtual storms of movement will find their rightful home both onstage and on screen. Whether we’re flying high or lying low, there are no limits, nothing to lose, yet everything to gain. Extreme pressure creates diamonds – we’re on it!”
–Debra Brown

Watch our interview with Debra Brown as we explore the idea around “The Home Show”, her process creating with the dancers and personal stories about her long career in the performing arts.

Márcio Teixeira is orginially from São Caetano, Brazil. Before becoming a Company dancer Márcio was a member of Canada’s Ballet Jörgen’s Junior Company in 2017. In 2018 he earned his RBC Apprenticeship for the 2018/19 Season.

 Ayva Rossouw-Holland’s creation premieres on Wed @ 2pm.


There is more to come with Debra and the dancers’ creations, so stay up to date on CBJ Interactive to see all the projects we are working on.