Winchester Theatre April 17-19

Director Derek Sangster
Artistic Administrator Kia Kotsanis  
Lighting Design Madhu Seran
Stage Management Kathy Le
Wardrobe Glenna Foerster
Wardrobe Assistant Márcio Teixeira  

Thank you to the technicians of the Winchester Theatre and to all our volunteers!

about george brown dance

George Brown Dance is a partnership between Jörgen Dance and George Brown College. The George Brown College Dance programs offer exceptional professional technical training in the heart of downtown Toronto. With hundreds of theatre, dance and production companies, Toronto offers extraordinary opportunities to aspiring performers. The unique leadership of  Jörgen Dance expert instructors graduates students with the skills, confidence and connections necessary for employment in a wide range of dance performance settings. Students and faculty have built a strong community that offers continuous support and encouragement at school and beyond. At George Brown Dance, expect to be empowered and challenged to fulfill your dance potential. 

Message from the associate Director

Welcome to George Brown Dance Unleashed 2024

Tonight, you will be introduced to our next generation of performers and see a diverse showcase with works created by both Distinguished Guest Artists and our highly regarded faculty. This evening’s performance features students of the Dance Performance Preparation and Dance Performance programs. The George Brown Dance faculty is comprised of an outstanding team of instructors, working artists, choreographers and directors, who instill discipline and teach skills necessary to interpret the vision of others.

Each of the choreographers has generously committed themselves to the idea of a “company” setting, which enables the performers to experience the creative work process and environment of the professional world. Our students benefit tremendously from the unique approach and mentorship of the respective team.

On behalf of George Brown Dance, I would like to acknowledge and thank this year’s Distinguished Guest Artists, who are also proud GBD Alumni –  Christopher Knowles and Irma Villafuerte. Both of these highly regarded Canadian dance makers have shared their invaluable creative gifts and created new and challenging commissions.

Special thanks to Cynthia Macedo, Miah Lewis, Mari Budgey, Kathy Le and Emma Lum-Gerry.

I would like to thank each faculty member for their time, energy and inspiring work as they help the students to realize their potential and prepare for the future.

Finally, I extend my deepest gratitude to our hardworking, courageous dancers. Their passion, creative spark and generous spirits light up the stage each night and offer much hope for the future of our art form.   

We hope you enjoy tonight’s performance!

Derek Sangster
Associate Director, George Brown Dance


Kate Anstey
Kate Anstey
Danaca Bell
Danaca Bell
Ivy Rose Dunlop
Ivy Rose Dunlop
Holly Gill
Holly Gill
Karessann Juteau Mercier
Karessann Juteau Mercier
Sarah Milligan
Sarah Milligan
Ryleigh Poelman
Ryleigh Poelman
Lily Villeneuve
Lily Villeneuve
Veronica Villeneuve
Veronica Villeneuve
Mao Yokosaka
Mao Yokosaka
Jackson Young
Jackson Young
Rose Juliette Zambrano Quiroz
Rose Juliette Zambrano Quiroz

unleashed 2024

Fanciful Fancy 
Choreography Cynthia Macedo
Music George Gershwin
Dancers Taylor Blackmore, Karessann Juteau Mercier, Sarah Milligan, Ana Rivas Agudelo, Lily Villeneuve, Abigail Yates, Mao Yokosaka, Rose Juliette Zambrano Quiroz
Understudies Ivy Rose Dunlop
Are You Available?
Creation by GBD Alumni from In HÄUS 2023
Mari Budgey, Kathy Le, Miah Lewis
Music Original scores by Andrzej Pietrewicz
Dancers Brooke Campbell, Danaca Bell, Taylor Blackmore, Mariha Celis Solarte, Sarah Cheng-Hernandez, Ziba Moghaddam, Jake Nicholson, Veronica Villeneuve
Thank you to Hanna Kiel and Derek Sangster for their continuous guidance and support in our journey.
Excerpt from Dialogues of the Carmelites
Bengt Jörgen C.M., adapted by Clea Iveson
F. Poulenc
Soloist Lily Villeneuve (18), Rose Juliette Zambrano Quiroz (17 & 19)
Duet Soloist with Lily Villeneuve (17), Veronica Villeneuve (18 & 19)
Group Kate Anstey, Jubilene Brewster-Wild, Eleni Dramountanis, Vincent Enorme (17 & 19), Emma Hughes, Karessann Juteau Mercier, Tia-Lin Morgan (18)
This work first premiered in January of 1996 and this will be the very first time we breathe new life into it. It is a 7-minute excerpt from a 50-minute work and it is very close to my heart. The soloist it was created on passed away way too early – I am thinking of you often Claire Gironella as you live on with us through this work.
Creation by GBD Alumni from In HÄUS 2023
Choreography Emma Lum-Gerry
Music Travis Scott UTOPIA: My Eyes, Hyaena, Thanks God, Modern Jam, Sirens, Telekinesis 
Dancers Eleni Dramountanis, Vincent Enorme, Julia Germano, Katrina Matera, Sarah Milligan, Rebecca Swift, Rose Juliette Zambrano Quiroz 

Tununtal (Mother Earth)
This work shape shifts space and body activated by the language land, creatures and memory.
Direction and Choreography Irma Villafuerte
Music Tanya Tagaq and Edgardo Moreno
Dancers Nadia Blanchet, Jubilene Brewster-Wild, Sarah Cheng-Hernandez, Mariha Celis Solarte, Ivy Rose Dunlop, Vincent Enorme, Julia Germano, Grace Ann Gordon, Emma Hughes, Zoë Kindrachuk, Tia-Lin Morgan, Ziba Moghaddam, Jenna Neverson, Jennifer Paola Ramirez Cardenas, Ana Rivas Agudelo, Abigail Yates, Mao Yokosuka, Jackson Young, Rose Juliette Zambrano Quiroz

Sit be still and listen.
“The moon would never use the door, only the window.”
Choreography Christopher Knowles
Assistant Jessica Saftu
Music Dwon One (Opening) by Davidson Jaconello, I wish this was real by Owen Pallett, Dwon Seven (What if?) by Davidson Jaconello
Dancers Kate Anstey, Danaca Bell, Taliah Bellmann, Taylor Blackmore, Brooke Campbell, Eleni Dramountanis, Holly Gill, Celeste Henriques-Powell, Karassann Juteau Mercier, Katrina Matera, Jake Nicholson, Ryleigh Poelman, Jada Prato, Elena Peralt Guentzel, Rebecca Swift, Lily Villeneuve, Veronica Villeneuve



Graduating Dance Performance (P105) students invite you into the studio to offer a glimpse into the culmination of their Composition course journey, highlighting their ability to conceive, create, rehearse, and finally perform their own choreographic works. It promises to be an evening filled with innovation, passion, and the joy of dance. It’s also a testament to the dedication and hard work of the students and their faculty at George Brown Dance. Here’s to celebrating the next generation of choreographic talent!

George Brown Dance
Artistic Director Bengt Jörgen C.M
Associate Director Derek Sangster
Academy Director Clea Iveson
Program Coordinator Kia Kotsanis 
Assistant Education Manager Hannah Mae Cruddas
Education Coordinator
Mackenzie Grantham

Lindsay Aquin – Hip Hop, Jazz
Andrew Ball – Vocal Coaching
Allison Bradley – Jazz, Performance Preparation 
Laetitia Clement – Ballet, Pointe
Amanda Davis – Modern
Anna Elena – Ballet 
Clea Iveson – Repertoire
Ryan Kelly – Acting 
Hanna Kiel – Composition, Repertoire 
Heidi Lange – Vocal, Music Theory
Cynthia Macedo – Ballet, Pointe
Nicola Pantin – Chorus Repertoire, Modern
Kathleen Rea – Modern
Jennifer Robichaud – Jazz, Dance & Physicality, Business of Dance, Performance Preparation
Derick Robinson – Hip Hop  
Derek Sangster – Jazz, Professional Practice, Showcase Rehearsals   

Andrew Ball – Vocal, Chorus Repertoire
Robin Easton – Modern
Geza Szenasi – Ballet
Kevin Tam – Ballet

George Brown College
President Dr. Gervan Fearon
VicePresident, Academic Dr. Eileen De Courcy
Dean, Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology Luigi Ferrara 

School of Media and Performing Arts
Associate Dean, School of Media and Performing Arts Trent Scherer
Manager, Operations Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology Anne Sardo 
Student Services Coordinator Lise Maher

Jörgen Dance
Artistic Director & CEO Bengt Jörgen C.M.
General Manager Stephen Word
Director of Touring Cameron Smillie
Academy Director Clea Iveson 
Business Operations Manager Aleksandra Maslennikova 
George Brown Dance Associate Director Derek Sangster
Marketing Manager Casey Spector
George Brown Dance Program Coordinator Kia Kotsanis
Assistant Education Manager Hannah Mae Cruddas
Education Coordinator Mackenzie Grantham
Resident Lighting Designer & Assistant Production Manager Madhu Seran
Canadian Statistics Coordinator Meg Follett
Bookkeeping Irene Lockrey and Pamela Stickney
Administrative Assistant Ricky Tran